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  I've been in an artsy mood lately. I had some unexpected free time a couple weeks ago and having a pen and paper with me, decided to start doodling. Well, within the next week I had come up with two pretty awesome black and white doodle sheets. One of my

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Movie Poster Freebie!!!

  If you follow my blog you might remember that every year around my birthday I post a great freebie. This year is no different. I made this poster for my friends for Christmas one year. I gave it as sort of a guessing game. Could they match the quotes

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Latest Projects: Three Peas Photography Website

  For the last few months I've had the pleasure of working on the Three Peas Photography website and blog. As with all web design project, it seems, there were a couple of glitches. The biggest one was transferring the domain name from BluDomain. Now, I'm not one to talk

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Dainty, Little Snowflakes + Free Snowflake Craft

  I don't know about you, but come wintertime I'm in the mood to make snowflakes. Lucky for me, this year I had three little helpers to join in the fun. I helped them fold. They drew a design. I tweaked the design and cut it out. The best part

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Chicago Skyline Star Wars Style + Free Download

I was browsing Etsy a while ago, looking for a birthday present for my brother and came across a poster of New York being attacked by Star Wars ships. It was really cool and I thought "I could do this!" I knew my brother would prefer the Chicago skyline though.

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It’s Turkey Time + Free Turkey Craft

  Get ready for some fun! With the success of our owl craft I've decided to create another craft download. This time it's TURKEYS!!! They are just so darn cute and are a ton of fun to make. They'd be perfect for Thanksgiving decorations, place cards or greeting cards. You

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An Owl Invasion + Free Owl Craft

  Last year I designed some owls. These owls to be exact: I didn't love all of them, but it was good practice. I picked my favorite and cleaned him up in Illustrator. You might remember my post about them last year. They looked pretty good, but I wasn't sure

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New Project Teaser

  Just thought I'd share a little teaser about a project that I'm working on.

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Introducing: The Celiac Kid iPad App!!!

  The Celiac Kid is now available in an interactive iPad app through Apple’s iTunes store.  At the touch of a finger the illustrations come “alive!”  The children swing, ice cream plops onto a cone.  See how “gluten” can harm the celiac kid.  Children and adults will love the interactive

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Introducing: A Paper Hug iPad App!!!

  We are so excited to announce our first (and hopefully not the last) iPad app. It's the same wonderful story with fun interactive illustrations. You and your children will have a ton of fun as you read through and play with the illustrations in A Paper Hug. We would

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