The Evolution of Clover Swirls

I love St. Patrick's Day! It's such a fun little holiday. I love all of the Irish folklore that surrounds the holiday. Needless to say one of my favorite holidays to design for is St. Patrick's Day.   I thought I'd show you the evolution, or in this case the

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Who doesn't know and love Dr. Seuss? I know I certainly do. I love to read it aloud to my nieces and nephews or the kids at school. I love the rhythm and rhyme. In fact I find myself thinking and speaking in that same rhythm and rhyme after I've

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Happy Leap Year!

It's that great holiday that only comes around every four years. I hope everyone is doing something fun and maybe a little bit different today! I couldn't just pick one, so be sure to check out all of this year's new Leap Year Designs.

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My First Leap Year Card

Before I really started my design business, I used to make all kinds of greeting cards to send to friends and family. Most of them were holiday oriented. One year, maybe 8 years ago, it was Leap Year and I thought it might be fun to design something for that.

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More Leap Year Designs

In January I got into this wonderful designing place of mind. In the course of a week I think I designed fourteen different holiday cards. These Leap Year ones were among them. All I can say is, it was a very fun week!  Happy Leap Year Card  Leap Year Boxes

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is one of my most favorite quote pictures that I have designed. It's not just that I love the movie - which really is awesome, but the whole layout is pleasing. The picture is fantastic. The most memorable quote is large and centered as well. Then the rest of

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Romantic Movie Quote Card Fiasco

I designed these for a friend's son's wedding. She used them as part of the centerpieces on the reception tables. She wanted it to be a sort of game, you know, "guess what romantic movie this quote is from." It actually turned out quite cute! I think there are 78

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The Romantic Movie Quote Calendar

A couple of years back I had the idea to make a romantic movie quote calendar - three hundred and sixty six quotes from romantic movies. It was quite a daunting task. About that same time I had a rough time sleeping. I'd seem to get only three or four

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The Be Mine Floral Card

When I'm out and about and bored I tend to doodle little things on the backs of any paper I have with me.The was one of those doodle. I scanned it into my computer at least a year ago and then it just sat in a folder waiting... Then a

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Leap Day – The Elitist Holiday

Leap Day is one of my favorite holidays. It's kind of an elitist holiday. I mean, it only comes around once every four years, because coming every year would be so common. I think it would be fun to be born on Leap Day - you get to choose when

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