The First Post

As with any blog there has to be a “first” post. Ah, but what should it be about? Should you be clever and witty? Should you just get the most pertinent information up and available? I don’t really have an answer, so I’m going to just introduce ourselves.

DesignAbility was founded/created in 2003 by Anneliese Bennion and Stephanie Skolmoski. They’re a mother and daughter team – Stephanie being the mother and Anneliese the daughter. They both got degrees in Interior Design, but decided there were other avenues they wanted to pursue.

Anneliese took some Graphic Design classes in college and fell in love with Photoshop! Which soon became a love for all things Adobe. She is skilled in not only Photoshop, but Illustrator and InDesign. She loves to doodle on scraps of papers – especially church programs. Ever since Jr. High Anneliese has enjoyed creating greeting cards for friends and family. Which has then lead her to create quotation pictures, calendars, wedding albums, wedding announcements and even illustrate children’s books. She has just finished redesigning this website, which she did in order to learn html and css a little better.

Stephanie has always been creative and her Interior Design classes really brought that out in her. Although she doesn’t design many of the products, she usually gives a lot of the inspiration for the new products. Stephanie has always had a love for writing, whether it’s writing in journals, short stories, poetry or children’s musicals. In addition to all of that she has written three children’s books with ideas for more books always dancing around in her head. Stephanie also has a degree in Music and loves to share her love of music with everyone around her.

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