The first thing I had to really think about was the style I wanted this blog to look like. What exactly is DiaryDad’s style? I asked my brother if he had any styles, colors or ideas in mind. He said maybe neutrals, but that he wasn’t really picky. He wanted me to have free reign with the design, so if I came up with something better, he’d probably be fine with it.  One thing that he said he wanted for sure was some sort of featured post slider on the blog. I figured I could just find a theme or plug-in for that, so no big deal.

Trying to decide on a style was a little tricky. I wanted something that would be different and appealing. I searched all over the internet looking at various WordPress themes. There are some really great themes out there, if you ever take the time to look. After a week or two of installing and activating various themes I finally hit jackpot.

I came across a theme called Comic Antique. (You can view/download it here.) And with this theme came the idea that DiaryDad should have a comic book design. When that idea finally came it seemed like a ‘no-brainer’ and my brother really loved it.

Having that idea in mind, I started on the DiaryDad logo. I found a couple of font I thought would be ideal for the project over at My Fonts. (I love that site!) I also decided to use the primary colors – so much for the neutrals! Then, I opened up Illustrator and got to work.  These are my first ideas:




 Which eventually turned into this:


You can see that I added the halftone dots and then elongated the star in the background. I also changed the yellow a bit.

To be continued…