Once the blog was functioning (all but the slider which will have a post of it’s own) I got back to the social media.  What I needed to make was an awesome profile image for all of DiaryDad’s social media sites. I found this web post super helpful in sizing my social media images.

I knew that most profile pictures are square.  The DiaryDad logo is rectangular, so I knew there’d have to be some rearranging.

I liked the halftone red background, so I thought I’d just arranged the text on it. (#1)

I thought the dots were too small so I made them larger. (#2)

It wasn’t really giving me the right feel, so I totally redesigned it. This time I used the DD logo on a blue/black background. (#3)

It turned out that the logo was too small and hard to read. I really liked the star in the background on the logo and thought maybe I should work with that.  I also thought “DiaryDad’s Dadventures” was too much text to have in the profile image, maybe I should just change it to the inititals. (#4)

I really liked the bright blue background, but it didn’t match the cover/header pictures on the various social media sites, so I made it darker. I also made the star and initials a little smaller as well. (#5)


While I was changing up the social media profiles I also took a look back the social media icons I’d used on the site. Initially, I really liked the shields, but the more I looked at them, the less I liked them. So I went back and redesigned them all into stars. They went from this:




To this:


 I really like the clean lines and look to the stars. I think they just work better. With the social media finished I only had one thing left to do – the slider.

To be continued…