With the slider up and working all I had left to do was work with the widgets. Some work better than others, but that’s something we can figure out.

It was such a relief and joy to hand over the blog to my brother and say “It’s all yours!” Well, I actually helped him import/export his old blog and then taught him how to use everything in it.  I even showed him where to create his own gravatar, because he was annoyed that I had a profile picture and he didn’t.

In the end, as I review this whole experience I asked myself if I’d ever do it again. The answer is a definite yes.  I have a couple of blogs I manage, including this one, that I think could use a bit of a design overhaul.  I’m actually am looking forward to it.  Although, I have taken some time off of the whole WP theme designing.

One of the questions I ask myself is if, knowing all of the work, time and effort it took me beforehand, I would have said yes to the project? I’d like to think I would. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and spending the time to really master them. I also am a nice sister and I doubt I could have said no to my brother’s entreaty.

What the blog looks like today:


 It’s been a great learning experience for which I am grateful. The only question now is, “What to design next?”