Lastest Projects 1

Lately I’ve been designing/creating some fun little clip art animals. (Well, there’s a Leprechaun too. So I guess they’re not all animals.) I’ve been playing around with colors and shapes to add a little pizzazz. And let’s not forget the eyelashes. Each animal has a male and a female version because I have a niece who is always asking me to put eyelashes on my animals.

Here’s a little preview of some of my creations. The fox is my favorite, but I’m curious what others think, so comment below to tell me what your favorite is.

T-Rex Apatasaurus Fox Frog Lamb
This little guy was made for a St. Patrick’s Day project I was working on. I’m not in love with his hair. I suspect one of these days I’ll go back and change it.


A lot of this clip art was designed for a collaboration I’ve been a part of with Stephanie Skolmoski & KT Educational Enterprises. We’ve been working together to create some fun activity packets for elementary school teachers. Each packet has an original song(s) with props to help with learning it as well as a book for the kids to make, pencil toppers and a word wall to work on vocabulary. I’ve been designing some of the clip art used in the packet, creating all of the props for the songs and formatting the entire packet. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s only just the beginning.

Click on either packet below to find out more or purchase it.

Rainbows Teacher Packet St. Patrick's Day Teacher Packet