A big project that I’ve been working on and a part of is the Will Dance For Kids Project dance competition called Will Dance For Food. I was a little daunted at first when I got the list of what I was expected to do. In fact, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it all. However, as these things go, once I got into it it seemed a little bit more manageable.

Basically anything that was done on a computer and/or printed out I designed or had a hand in designing. This included: t-shirts, the program, various spreadsheets, score sheets, labels for just about everything, the silent auction sign-ups, the awards, the auditorium background and more. It was really gratifying to walk around the competition and see my handiwork all over.

The competition was on March 7-8. I was there for 12 hours each day with about 6 hours of sleep in the middle. It was intense, but worthwhile. The first day I chauffeured people to the competition from a hotel and the airport. I was one of those people standing at the airport with someone’s name on a sign. (That was a first for me!) I spent the last half of the day/night helping the tabulators figure out the scoring for the awards ceremony. It was fascinating to see how that all worked, but the amount of paper cuts I got while stuffing score sheets into envelopes was not great.

The second day I was running errands all over the school – from one stage to another. It was crazy! I also helped out with answering questions and getting information to where it needed to go. I definitely got a work out there!

I looked super official because I had a name badge, with my name on it, and a clipboard. It’s amazing the authority a clipboard can give someone! ūüôā

WDFKP Clipboard and Name Badge

Here’s the t-shirt that I helped design for the boys participating in the competition.

WDFKP Boy Shirt

This is the tank that all of the girls competing got. I think it turned out pretty cute.

WDFKP Girls Tank

This was a little preview WDFKP put up on Facebook. Shirts in boxes, judges notebooks and swag bags was just a small part of our preparations!

WDFKP Preview

This is the program that took me many hours to format.

WDFKP Program

This is a picture of the director of WDFKP addressing the judges in the hospitality room on Saturday morning before the competition resumed.

WDFKP Director and Judges

Just a few of the silent auction items up for bid.

WDFKP Auction Items

Proof I was there!

At the WDFKP competition

I designed the background of the auditorium stage.

WDFKP Dancers

A better picture of the stage background. This was right before the awards ceremony.

WDFKP Background

The top ten awards for one of the skill/age groups.

WDFKP Awards Ceremony

What’s really awesome is that the all of the proceeds from the competition were donated to the Utah Food Bank. This year’s check was for $40,000!!!

WDFKP $40,000 Check

All in all I had a great time preparing and participating (behind the scenes that is) in this awesome endeavor!