Not all of this week’s favorites are designed by people (albeit most of them are). I just couldn’t pass up the beauty and inspirational design that nature provides for us as well. I hope you enjoy this week’s favorites as much as I did.


New Zealand Design Yeah by Brett King

brett king new zealand


Node Electrical Outlet – read about this over at Gadget Review



For those typography lovers I found this over at it’s designed. Letterpress + Font puns and lines

it's designed note cards


3D ocean by Ana Teresa Barboza

3d ocean


Found this last one over on Pinterest. Igneous rocks formed from lava flows of the Archaean era (>2,700 million years ago) are often found to contain disequilibrium-textured crystals characterized by spherulitic, branching or dendritic morphologies that occur in layers near the flow surface. Isn’t it amazing!?!

igneous rock