• Add some fun with this vector Easter clipart set which includes a Blue Chick, Green Chick, Orange Chick, Pink Chick, Yellow Chick, Bunny, Bunny with Carrot, Standing Bunny, Hand Lettered “Happy Easter”, Hatching Chick, Easter Egg, Flower Egg, Swirl Egg, Stripe Egg, Easter Lettering – 2 different styles, 6 different colors, Little Chick, Hippity Hop lettering, Easter Egg Boy Owl, Easter Egg Girl Owl, Hatching Girl Owl, Hatching Boy Owl, Peep Bunny, Hello Peeps Lettering, Rabbits Eat Free Carrot Garden, 3 Flowers.
  • Join with your neighbors in making a garden walk for the children (and adults) in your neighborhood. Make your own flowers and plants or use the pictures provided. Then hang them in your window, on your door or somewhere outside your house for the kids to find as they walk through the neighborhood. This is a great activity to help kids get out of the house, create some neighborhood unity and could be used as a sort of scavenger hunt.


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