I love St. Patrick’s Day! It’s such a fun little holiday. I love all of the Irish folklore that surrounds the holiday. Needless to say one of my favorite holidays to design for is St. Patrick’s Day.


I thought I’d show you the evolution, or in this case the before and after, of one of my newest cards. There are some days when I’m sitting in a meeting or just waiting around that I find myself taking random piece of paper out of my purse and grabbing one of my favorite pens. This little design was created at just such a time. In the end I rather liked the idea, but was not totally pleased with what I’d come up with. So, I scanned it into my computer and got work on fixing it up.


At first I worked on it in Photoshop. I tried to clean it up in there, but I got rather frustrated with my efforts and put it away. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I finally came back to it. This time I imported the scan directly into Illustrator and started from there. It came together rather quickly.

As you can see, the swirls did not turn out the same and I added some little clovers to the inside of the swirls. From that point the most difficult part was getting the colors right. When I was finally satisfied with the design itself I imported it into Photoshop and created the Clover Swirl Card.