Last year I designed some owls. These owls to be exact:

owl sketch

I didn’t love all of them, but it was good practice. I picked my favorite and cleaned him up in Illustrator. You might remember my post about them last year. They looked pretty good, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so they just sat on my computer, waiting…

new owl friends

This last summer I got back into messing around with them. Well, my niece got into them, I should say. She wanted me to draw them for her or sketch them so that she could trace them or just print them out so she could color them. The two little owls on the left are ones she traced and the big two were colored by both of my nieces.


I started putting a clipboard and retractable pencil in the back seat of my car. (The retractable pencil was a big deal!) These are some of the owls that my niece drew.

Pretty good for a 6 year old, huh? She’s also really into eyelashes which is why all of my animals have a version with them. I find myself constantly drawing eyelashes on things.

I also started making some variations on my owls. Mostly so I wasn’t bored. This is one of the Thanksgiving Owls, also colored by my niece.

indian owl

Little by little I had acquired quite the collection of owls. I decided that instead of making a poster with them (although that still might happen) I could make them into vector clip art for the website. These are all available in my clip art store as SVG images. I’ve debated about making them PNG or JPG clip art sets. If you’re interested in those, let me know and I’ll make some.

By now I’m sure you’re wondering about the free owl craft. Well, not to worry. Here it is! This is what the pdf you download will look like.

Owl Craft

You can print it out on white paper and color, cut and glue it together. Results will change, but here’s a 6 year old’s attempt. (I cut out the eyes and eyelashes) You’ll notice that even the preview image was used. She wanted it to be the baby owl.

owl craft

The we went a little crazy and just used it as a guide and cut out the various parts with different colored papers.  Of course just the plain colors would never do, so we got out the markers and stickers and had a blast ‘individualizing’ them!

owl crafts

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