I don’t know about you, but come wintertime I’m in the mood to make snowflakes. Lucky for me, this year I had three little helpers to join in the fun. I helped them fold. They drew a design. I tweaked the design and cut it out. The best part though is always the reveal – carefully opening it up to see just what your imagination and scissors have created.

I am a fan of the six/twelve sided snowflakes, but they are definitely trickier. When I’m teaching kids how to make them I usually start with the four/eight sided ones. With the ones below you can see that I did a mixture of both. I think they turned out really great!

This month’s freebie is a snowflake craft. It comes with a generic six sided snowflake template as well as four designs to try out.


I’d love to hear your feedback about my craft. Comment below, email a picture of your snowflakes or share the pictures with us Facebook.

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