Do you send out holiday cards? Occasionally I get in the mood and do a little holiday greeting for my friends and family. They usually don’t take me a lot of time or money to make. I have them printed at Costco photo and they always turn out great. Although, I’m sure any photo store will do a good job.

Here’s a cute little Easter card that I made.

Easter Hatchling Card (example)

I found some cute pictures of the kids and then created a Photoshop mask around them. (Hint: If you are going to take pictures for this card be sure to do it in front of a plain wall/background. It will make the masking so much easier!) I resized them so that they were all about the same size.

I’ve created a Photoshop template that has all of the egg shells as different layers so that you can add your images behind them or hide the shells that you don’t need. The PSD that you download will look like this:

Easter Hatchling Card Template

I’d love to see what you create with this template! Comment below with a link to your picture!

To download the Easter Hatchling PSD Template to edit and send to your friends and family, just give thanks by clicking like, tweet or +1 below.